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If you comply with all the requirements mentioned below and there are no outstanding late fees or rent due, you will receive a full refund of your security deposit including any interest due. We will be conducting an inspection of the apartment to ensure everything is left clean and undamaged. If the apartment is returned in an unclean condition or
damaged, necessary deductions will be made from your security deposit.Remember to leave us with your forwarding address and phone number. If you do not leave a forwarding address, your security deposit will be sent to the apartment listed with South Loop Rentals and Management with the intention that the Post Office will forward it to your new address. Allow 30-45 days for return of your security deposit.


All moving- in /out must be done through the exit designated by the building. Tenants will be held responsible for any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the building while moving- in /out. Every tenant must have the apartment totally clean and empty, and the keys returned to our office on or before the last day of the lease. Keep in mind, most buildings have a fee associated with moving in and out.


Make arrangements with all appropriate utility companies to begin or end service in your name. You are responsible for being present if a utility company needs access inside the building.


q Remove all personal belongings from every space including laundry room, storage, and porch/balcony.

q Clean kitchen including floor, stove, and refrigerator inside and out. Do not forget to remove all food particles and grease residue from the broiler and oven plate under burners.

q The refrigerator must be defrosted, cleaned inside and out, and dried. Leave the refrigerator unplugged and the door jar allowing air to circulate.

q Empty and clean all cabinets, closets, and fireplaces.

q Thoroughly clean the entire bathroom(s) including floor, sink, tub, and tile areas.

q If your apartment is carpeted, have it professionally cleaned. You may contact our office for a list of approved cleaners. if not done, contractor’s fees will be deducted from your security deposit.

q Hardwood floors must be swept, dusted, and wiped down with a damp mop. Murphy’s Soap works great!

q Empty storage locker and remove lock, if applicable.

q Remove all nails and hooks from walls.

q If you have painted the apartment walls, ceiling, or trim, everything must be re-painted to the original off-white color.

q Place all trash in the appropriate receptacle. If you have excessive trash, notify us and we will arrange for special pick-up (you will be responsible for this service and charged according to the contractor’s fees).


Please DO NOT leave the keys in your apartment or with another tenant, and please DO NOT mail the keys. It is your responsibility to bring all keys to the office. Any key(s) left in the apartment or not returned by your lease end date, will result in a fee of $10.00 per building key and $20.00 per mailbox key. These fees will be deducted from your security deposit.

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